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We are

In 2020 we had the idea that we would put our knowledge and skills in one place to help others access psychology that was helpful for them.

We are two Sheffield based clinical psychologists who have trained and worked together focused on helping others to bring about change in their lives.

Bringing together our different perspectives, experiences and clinical training led to the development of this website.


Dr Andy Horan

I've always been in interested in ways in which individuals and  families lead lives filled with meaning, purpose and connection.

I strive to bring about meaningful change for adults, young people, their families and wider systems.

I have experience in working towards helping others overcome difficulties related to trauma and adversity.

Fundamentally, I believe in providing opportunities to empower people and their support networks by developing understanding of their experiences, building on strengths and resilience, and building connections within communities.

Dr Peter Isebor

Growing up I was fascinated by the idea that I had this "world in my head" and that everyone around me had one too.

I found my way into mental health through an interest in psychology and how the mind works at A-Level.

I've learnt a lot about myself, other people, relationships and systems since then. I have experience in supporting people who are struggling with emotional and psychological pain.

I believe we all make the best decision we can at the time. However cultivating a deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us I believe we can learn more loving and satisfying ways of being.

Further information on what we offer

We currently offer therapy services further information please contact us on 
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